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Key Capabilities

Fraud detection and prevention is no easy task. Companies often struggle to find a solution that fits their needs and budget. Aquila is an innovative platform that helps you win the battle against fraud.

Automation Lowers Cost and Time

You do not need to hire an entire army of personnel to sift through piles of documents or browse through countless transactions. Aquila automates everything for you using the best fraud detection technologies. By eliminating manual work, you do not have to worry that the cost of fraud detection will be greater than the cost of fraud itself.

Data Analytics and Advanced Reporting

While fraud comes from all directions, it can go unnoticed because of the sheer volume of data that needs to be looked at. Aquila’s AI and machine learning capabilities allow you to make sense of big data. It alerts you when it identifies anomalous patterns and creates reports to give you a clear, bird’s eye view of the situation.

Link Analysis

Aquila gives you a high-definition view of the bigger picture of fraud. It does not only check individual transactions but it can find connections that graphically show the root cause of issues.

Predictive Analysis

You are on the losing end if you only act once fraudulent activities are detected. Aquila’s predictive analytics can help detect anomalies even before they happen. This means you are always prepared and able to see issues that are miles away.

Customizable Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution

The unavailability of required tools and systems to address fraud in specific industries is the biggest struggle for businesses today. With Aquila, you have an AI-powered customizable fraud solution that will not impact your existing productivity.

$42 billion in losses due to fraud

This is the total amount of losses due to fraud in the last 24 months reported by 5,000 respondents from different industries, in the latest PwC Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey. This mind-boggling number is only the tangible cost of fraud. Part of the painful equation and reality includes brand damage, low employee morale, and future opportunities gone to waste.

At Aquila, we make fraud detection timely, accurate, and painless.

Fraud Detection AI and Machine Learning

Aquila leverages the latest technologies to address fraud, prevent revenue losses, and future-proof your business. You do not just gain an extra pair of eyes to browse through all the data that needs to be sorted, but a partner with an end-to-end fraud solution that puts artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data analytics to work for you. With these technologies, you can do the following:

Take Swift Action

With the best fraud detection and prevention technologies, you take a proactive stance against fraud. AI gives you actionable insights to help you make wiser decisions for your business.

Profitable Outcome

Aquila does not only keep an eye on fraud, but helps you streamline your operations to future-proof your business. It’s not just the now that counts – with Aquila, you can make the most of your future opportunities.

Uncover Hidden Facts

Aquila’s machine learning capabilities help you detect fraudulent transactions, recognize anomalous data patterns, and pinpoint suspicious connections.

Speedy Case Closure

The volume of data to be analyzed can be overwhelming – but with Aquila, you can identify and quantify fraud quickly and accurately. This way, you can take action and tap the assistance of the best legal teams to prevent damages.

Our Happy Customers

“Aquila is state-of-the-art solution with comprehensive use cases to detect fraudulent transactions for any SIU. The solution has helped us discover large scale systematic frauds by means of collusion among various bad actors. It is easy to use and extract reports without relying on IT resources. The solution has delivered 10X ROI and paid for itself in the first year of its adoption.”
Sam King

Vice President – SIU, Employers Insurance Group.

“At the EDD, we are dedicated to detecting, deterring, and preventing any occurrence of fraud in our programs. Aquila’s fraud analytics solution has enhanced our ability to detect fraudulent activity. It has helped saved several man hours in supporting prosecutors with adequate evidence against the scammers and their false claims.”

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Aquila makes fraud detection simple and fast

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