Fraud must be stopped now

Let Your Business Fly High

Protecting your business and customers from fraud is one of the biggest concerns of any company today. Fraud not only costs millions in losses, but worse, it damages your reputation. Fraudsters come from all directions and can clip the wings of your business before you even reach your full potential.

Aquila uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics, IoT, Blockchain and other innovative technologies to stop fraud. With Aquila, you have a powerful tool to detect fraud from previous transactions, and to recognize patterns that can help eliminate potential fraud issues before they materialize.

Aquila gives your brand the lift it needs, so you can soar high to achieve growth without having to worry about criminal minds undermining your operations.

The Aquila Brand

“Aquila” means “eagle” in Latin. The eagle is one of the largest and strongest creatures in the animal kingdom. One of its most admirable traits is its powerful eyesight that is 4-8 times better than the average human.

As a brand, Aquila delivers its promises to leverage the power of fraud detection AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to protect your business and the market you serve. Just like an eagle, Aquila’s complete fraud solution gives you powerful eyesight to pinpoint fraudulent activities accurately, and take swift action to protect your brand from damages.

Aquila’s Core Values

Integrity and Accountability

Integrity and accountability are the foundations on which the Aquila brand is built. We treat our people with respect. As your partner, we will take action and deliver on our promises.


Aquila is a customizable fraud detection and prevention solution that can seamlessly integrate with your current operations. It learns and evolves with your business, so you are constantly protected from potential threats.


We do not rest on our laurels. To provide the best fraud detection and prevention solution, we learn about new threats and technologies every day, and stay ahead of the game.

Passion for Excellence

Aquila recognizes the evolving threats to businesses. We combat this by excelling at our services – doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well.

Stop Fraud With AI and Machine Learning Solutions

Aquila is your simple and fast solution to detect and prevent fraud. We do not make things complicated –instead, we empower your team with actionable insights, so you can be in total control of your business. Contact us

Our Leadership

Beyond harnessing the capabilities of AI, machine learning, and other technologies of the future,
we employ a leadership team with industry-leading skills and experience at the helm of our company.

Srini Madala


Srini is the founder and CEO of Aquila Systems. A graduate of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business with a background in engineering, Srini founded Aquila to help address fraud across various industries using AI and machine learning. He is also involved in TiE, a non-profit organization that fosters global entrepreneurship.

Naeem Zafar

Board of Director

Naeem is a member of the board of directors at Aquila Systems. He finished his engineering degree at Brown University and currently serves as a professor at the institution. With his vast experience in technology, he helps steer Aquila in the right direction to serve businesses worldwide.