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Fraud Detection for Manufacturing Sector

Fraud in the Financial Sector

Fraud is a global issue impacting all markets. While mobile accessibility and fast internet connections have helped the financial industry’s growth, at the same time they made institutions vulnerable.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, private companies spend around $8.2 billion on anti-money laundering controls alone. Aside from cyber breaches and financial crimes, the same study looked into fraud and insider scams as some of the common threats wreaking havoc on the financial industry.

Some of the most prevalent types of fraud in this industry include:

Identity theft

Financial Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud

Financial Debit Card and Credit Card Fraud

Debit card and credit card fraud

Financial Debt Collection

Debt collection fraud

Fake charities

Mass marketing fraud

Financial Lower Credit Card Interest Rate Robocalls

Lower credit card interest rate robocalls

The list goes on. Modern-day criminals find ways to make fraudulent transactions possible through various channels and methods.

This is why financial institutions need better fraud mitigation strategies through the implementation of fraud detection and prevention tools. To protect your business and your customers, you need to step up your game plan.

Protect Your Business With the Best Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution

Save your company from potential losses by equipping your business with Aquila’s fraud detection and prevention solution capabilities.

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The Benefits of Using Aquila Financial Fraud Detection Solution

Aquila is your partner in fighting back against fraudsters and financial criminals. We help to make life easier and safer for your business, your staff, and your customers.

Customized Financial Fraud Solutions

Aquila is a smart and sophisticated financial fraud solution that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI), powerful data analytics, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT. Unlike other financial industry solutions, Aquila is a customizable solution that can be configured to suit the needs of your business.
Aquila can seamlessly integrate with your existing processes, avoiding disruption of operations. With the powerful technologies behind fraud analytics, you can swiftly sift through millions of records and detect potential anomalies.

Avoid False Positives

Fraud detection and prevention done manually or with legacy solutions can be a tricky and complex process. Aside from taking your staff’s time away from essential operations, traditional tools make investigations prone to false positive and false negative results. 
Aquila’s fraud analytics capabilities eliminate these issues. Our software provides an accurate assessment of risks and identifies suspicious patterns using powerful algorithms. You can also quickly generate reports that help decision-makers, or can be used as evidence when you go after the fraudsters.

Agile Compliance

The technologies that serve as the core of how Aquila works are aligned with the latest regulatory guidelines of the financial industry. This enables your business to innovate while making sure you are not violating any rules.
Aquila is engineered to be intuitive, responsive, and collaborative – delivering a potent fraud detection and prevention solution that perfectly complements your existing systems.

Machine Intelligence + Human Intelligence

Protect your business and your customers with the combination of Aquila’s machine intelligence and the experience of your staff. This will enhance your business processes while dealing with the modern-day risks of fraud.
Aquila will not only identify suspicious patterns, but will use predictive analytics to foresee potential problems before they reach you.

Aquila makes fraud detection simple and fast

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