Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aquila?
Aquila is a proven fraud analytic platform built using AI/ML capabilities that can save millions of dollars on detecting fraud and in the process improve operational efficiency. Aquila enables fraud analysts to detect suspicious and non-compliant transactions involved in any kind of claims or benefit processes. It has prebuilt models to check data internally and connects with external third-party data sources unearth suspicious and fraudulent collusions across any benefit chain. Aquila has intuitive drill down and easy to use reporting capability that can save months of analysis time providing detailed reports as evidence to support the prosecutors in pursuing litigation.
Aquila is useful for which industry?
Aquila is a fraud analytic solution that can be adapted to a wide range of industries that involves fraud. It is a proven solution for Workers Compensation Fraud in Insurance, Provider fraud in Healthcare, Benefits fraud in EDD and Public Sector. It can also be applied to other industries such as financial, manufacturing and human resources. The solution has proprietary algorithms and intelligent use cases along with prebuilt adapter to several external data sources such as Medical Boards, SOS, DIR etc. that can be used readily with little customization.
What are Aquila’s features? How can it help us?
Aquila is an industry proven and award-winning fraud analytics software with over 20 prebuilt adapters for different kinds of frauds and is suitable across many industries. The solution can Proactively identify suspicious behavior in transactions
  • Detect complex fraud using link analysis to show systematic fraud
  • Validate real time authentication of Providers NPI
  • Export reports and packages to assist in case building for prosecution
Does Aquila have its own data? Does it interface with internal external data sources and systems?
Aquila uses internal data from customers claim and benefits systems. It also interfaces with external data sources such as SOS, DIR, Medical Boards. It can easily interface with additional external systems to support the fraud use case you may require. It uses single sign-on, workflow integration and authorization and access control for its system users.
How is Aquila deployed? Is it available on Cloud?
Aquila can be deployed in any of the popular cloud platforms, such as, AWS, Google, Microsoft or other. One of our largest instances of deployment is on AWS for NYSE listed America’s small business insurance specialist company. Aquila is a cloud-based solution. It supports public, private or hybrid cloud deployment depending on the customers need. It is implemented, enhanced, and supported by its parent company SoftSol Technologies Inc. (STI). STI is a US Corporation with office in Fremont, California. STI has been in business for over 20 years and has completed numerous projects for the State, Federal and large corporations in the US.
We have Disability and Unemployment sides of the business. Can we use the data from each other, and run use cases that both can benefit?

Aquila’s core architecture and base modules can be adapted to address multiple fraud use cases. Its pre-existing use cases can be adapted, and the new industry and company specific use cases can be added.

What data size and volumes can Aquila handle?

Aquila is built using SOA architecture and extensible API principles. It uses data loaders for one time setup and then processes incremental data. It can handle data processing of 60 million records with each record having 500 attributes within 90 minutes. It can support over 200 concurrent users in a deployed instance. It can support both cloud and hybrid cloud.

Can we expect ROI from this solution?

Aquila is the most inexpensive fraud analytics solution you can find in the industry today. It more than pays for itself within one year of using it. It has delivered over 14x ROI in terms of TCO of using the software. It can be customized to fit your business process within a few months. The solution has been built for business users and does not require IT support in most situations.