Aquila is your partner in battling corruption, fraud, and other activities that cause distrust in public institutions.
Fraud Detection for Government & Public Institutions

Fraud at Government & public institutions

While state governments and the federal government have mechanisms in place to prevent being a victim of fraud, criminal minds and professional fraudsters can still game the system.
For example, tax cheats cost the United States government $1 trillion.

Common types of fraud seen at government agencies:

Government Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud

Government Disability Insurance Fraud

Disability insurance fraud

Government Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Unemployment insurance fraud

Government Family and Medical Leave Act FMLA Fraud

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) fraud

One type of fraud always in the spotlight is healthcare fraud. According to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, the country suffers around $68 billion in losses annually due to health care fraud. This is a conservative estimate and puts the risk at 3 percent of the nation’s $2.26 trillion spending in health care. Finding errors and detecting fraud can be a challenge for state governments, given the large volumes of data. Technologies such as fraud detection solutions that use AI, data analytics, cloud, and machine learning can help and keep government fraud in check.

Our Happy Customers

“Aquila is state-of-the-art solution with comprehensive use cases to detect fraudulent transactions for any SIU. The solution has helped us discover large scale systematic frauds by means of collusion among various bad actors. It is easy to use and extract reports without relying on IT resources. The solution has delivered 10X ROI and paid for itself in the first year of its adoption.”
Sam King

Vice President – SIU, Employers Insurance Group.

“At the EDD, we are dedicated to detecting, deterring, and preventing any occurrence of fraud in our programs. Aquila’s fraud analytics solution has enhanced our ability to detect fraudulent activity. It has helped saved several man hours in supporting prosecutors with adequate evidence against the scammers and their false claims.”

EDD US State West

How can Aquila Help Government Agencies Fight Fraud?

Aquila is a fraud detection and prevention solution that complements the different anti-fraud mechanisms of the government. Here’s how it can help your institution:

Detect Fraud with Precision

Teams of fraud investigators achieve great milestones in eliminating fraud in government. They can achieve more when you equip them with a fraud detection tool that can accurately analyze data and detect fraudulent transactions and activities. Since it is a platform specifically engineered for such a purpose, Aquila is not overwhelmed by the amount of information it needs to process.
It will consistently pinpoint the problem and even help lower the risk of fraud using predictive analytics.

Offer a Consolidated View of Fraud Risks

Aquila also allows you to identify links among individuals and activities that cost your agency and the public money. You will understand the network dimension of fraud through useful data visualization. With such information, you can take meaningful actions to recover losses and go after opportunistic parties taking advantage of the system.

Increase Fraud Detection Efficiency and Lower Costs

With less reliance on the workforce to fight fraud, Aquila reduces data processing time and increases fraud detection efficiency. Aside from identifying and quantifying fraud, it can help you gather valuable evidence that helps your legal teams go after the criminals. As a result, you can effectively recover losses without incurring costs that are often bigger than the number of fraudulent transactions.

Optimize and Secure Processes for a Better Public Sector Customer Experience

With a better understanding of fraud in government and the accurate detection of these problematic transactions, your agency will be able to optimize your operations to help secure the public coffers. This helps address public trust issues and public sector customer experience. With the people seeing how their money works, compliance with rules may also improve.

Aquila is Your Partner in Fighting Fraud

Aquila is all about timely, accurate, and painless fraud detection and prevention. Let our AI platform help your government agency eliminate fraud and help you improve public trust. Contact us